Volunteering in Rio de Janeiro

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Volunteering in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities of the world - dubbed as "Cidade Maravilhosa" by the Cariocas, residents of Rio. Cidade Maravilhosa means the Wonderful City, as it stretches out with curving hills overlooking magnificent beaches, and protected by "Christ the Redeemer" on top of Corcovado.

Open-minded people at the "Wonderful City"

The residents of Rio are open-minded people and will welcome you with open hearts - even if there is a language barrier. If you can get any chance of learning some Portuguese before travel, that would be highly appreciated, even, if it is just a few words like "Bom dia" or "Tudo bem?" - you will make local people very happy! With volunteer programs  of four weeks or more, Portuguese lessons are being provided anyway.

Location in Rio de Janeiro - Santa Teresa

Many opportuniteis for affordable volunteering in Brazil are available in Rio de Janeiro. At the location in Santa Teresa, volunteer programs ranging from arts & Design, Childcare, Child Development, Teaching English, Environmental Protection and Community Development are available. 

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The Painting that Dives into the Invisible

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Living in Brazil since 2003, the German painter Lennart Goebel reflects in his recent paintings a sense of rebirth and discovery of a new world. His works are affiliated to the current of figurative expressionism, so the colors are born directly from the artist's emotions, not a simple naturalistic portrait of the world.

The expressionist painter dedicates himself to the subjective values of the screen, rather than the objectivity of the banal world. He expresses his instinctive and also irrational nature in his paintings, he follows the impulse of his personal passions. What the artist wants is not the objectivity of expression, although his human figures are close to realism. He receives psychically and mentally visions which he recreates on the canvas, from the inside out, thus externalizing individual reflection. In the process, the world is not depicted, but recreated with the eyes of the soul, with the inner vision of the artist.

Inaugurando as atividades no Música no Museu 2014 com Lennart Goebel

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Katia Velo

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