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The Rio based volunteer organization Iko Poran organizes inexpensive and rewarding medical internship programs, for medical students or doctors who want to help people in foreign countries. Volunteers enjoy to immerse in a different culture, in Brazil, Thailand, Uganda, India, Peru or Ethiopa, and also gain hands on experience in a clinic. Volunteers can choose, if they want to go for a medical internship in a clinic, or if they prefer to help with health awareness, Aids prevention (Uganda). In Peru, Cusco, there is a special dental program available in Cusco. In Ethiopa, you may like to go for the wellness program in Addis Ababa, where you can work with health coaching or give yoga lessons for the young students.

What the volunteers say about their experience

Magda Camixide from Portugal, has been volunteering at the Pediatrica Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal:

At the hospital I was able to exchange experiences and knowledge that was beneficial to both sides and was also extremely well integrated in the hospital routines. Thank You Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center for this opportunity!!!

Read Magda's full statement on Iko Poran's Blog here, or go to the project page of the medical internship in Kathmandu on Iko Poran's Homepage.

Jefrin went to Brazil, for a medical internship at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro:

I had a great time in Rio learning about the culture and building relationships with the people in the Engenho de Rainha community. I worked with talented, passionate and hardworking health professionals who were willing to help and answer questions at all times. I really enjoyed being immersed in the community and learning about all aspects of the healthcare system in Rio de Janeiro in particular including the many challenges. This was an unforgettable experience I would highly recommend. – Jefrin

Read Jefrin's testimonial on Iko Poran's Blog, or go to the project page with the medical program in Rio de Janeiro.


Volunteer in fascinating Peru

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Go for a trip high in the mountains of Peru. Sangeetha Agara wennt to Peru and has been working in a childcare volunteer program in Cusco. Sangeetha is from Canada an enjoyed sharing her love with the children. Childcare volunteers are working in a  Wawa Wasi. The Quechua words meanis house of the kids. The Wawa Wasi National Peruvian Program provides comprehensive early childhood care in responding to the need for day care for children under four years old.

Another way of helping in Peru, is the medical volunteer program at Cusco, Arequpa or Iquitos, where volunteers can make a medical internship in a health center. The health project is particularly suitable for Pre medical and Medical students who want to gain valuable clinical experience.

Amazing Experience in the Peruvian Amazon

Marco Fiorito, from Italy, speaks about his experience as an English teacher at Padre Cocha, close to Iquitoss, in the Peruvian Amazon:

Over the last September, I volunteered for 2 weeks as a teaching assistant in Padre Cocha, a small community located at 20 min by boat from Iquitos, in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

The project consisted in a 2-week English course for local people of all ages and aimed at improving their everyday communication with foreigners, in order to promote tourism in the community.

During this period I’ve been hosted by Jorge and Jenny, the organisers of this project, at their b&b, who made me feel welcome since the very beginning and gave me all the support I could need for visiting the area.

Teaching has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me, as put me in direct contact with the local people, who really appreciated the time and effort I put into it and who truly believed in the benefits of the program.

In my experience, two weeks have been a sufficient time to forget about my own life and to dive into this new reality, getting to know new people and appreciate their differences and similarities from my cultural background, build friendships, enjoy the jungle and, hopefully, make a difference for this community. This first course, in fact, has set the basis for a longer-term project that will continue with new volunteers and with the same enthusiasm to help the development of this marvellous place.

Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied of this affordable and rewarding adventure, especially given that I’d never really considered volunteering before, and surely recommend this kind of experience to anybody.

Volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil

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Nancy Willis and Nathan from USA have been volunteering in Argentina, with a community development project in Buenos Aires. They have been working on a building and share their beautiful memories. Later, they went to Brazil and enjoyed working on sports development in Rio de Janeiro.

"My fiancé and I had an incredible experience volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil. Our project in Buenos Aires was in a very special community of which we were welcomed with open arms. The family we worked alongside we now consider our own family!! Here in Rio doing sports development has been extremely rewarding and we are learning so much about this beautiful culture and even learning capoeira with the locals!! Felipe and his family have been SO accommodating & we are having a blast living with him and his beautiful fam! HIGHLY recommend all IKP programs :)!!" - Lindsey Willis, USA

Amazing Experience in Buenos Aires

"Amazing experience with some of the greatest people. The local coordinators and the local organization were perfect. We will carry these people and memories with us for the rest of our lives. Everything went smoothly and it was much cheaper than other organizations. I would highly recommend this program! My fiance and I will probably come back because the program and the people changed our lives so much. The local volunteer neighborhood invited us to the pool and to play soccer in their community. Once in a lifetime experience!" – Nathan, Washington DC

The Volunteer Organization - Iko Poran

Iko Poran aims to provide affordable volunteer programs abroad, in many countries, like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nepal and many more.

Find out more on the homepage of Iko Poran - Volunteer Abroad.

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