Saving Sea Turtle Babies on Costa Rica's Beautiful Coast

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Go for a very special trip to volunteer in Costa Rica with this wonderful sea turtle conservation project in a paradisiac Caribbean community.
It is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself into the Spanish language at the same time you help to protect endangered species of sea turtles. You will see giant female sea turtles nesting on the beach and baby turtles crawling out of their nests in the sand towards the ocean. With your volunteer work you will also help a town that relies on its sea turtle population and to contribute to the growth and success of this grassroots conservation project.

Nikita Barnard: "I had an amazing time on Costa Rica's beautiful coast

"I had an amazing time volunteering on Costa Rica’s beautiful coast. Where at night we went on patrols to search for nests/turtles, scare off poachers (who aren’t always bad) and simply survey the beach. During the day we went on hikes to see the islands natural life and meet new people, cleaned up the beach, cleaned and prepared the hatchery and much more. I’d definitely recommend this conservation project for your next volunteer opportunity. The people were so welcoming and treated us as if we had lived there our whole lives. Everyone had a cool story and a nickname to go with it. Like mechudo and his baby blue jean poisonous dart frog… Photo will be above – Nikita Barnard

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A Dream Comes True - Isabella in South Africa

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My trip to South Africa was an old dream that was everything I expected and more, this beautiful country had my heart since day 1 and my memories with the kids in Masi make me miss them everyday,just to be there helping and bringing love to them was enough to make my whole day happy, they gave me so much more that I could ever give them and thanks Iko Poran for the support, the amazing volunteer’s house and the incredible friends I was so lucky to meet, thanks for showing me that life is better when you are helping others  – Isabella Neves

The Childcare and Teaching Project in Cape Town, South Africa

As a child care volunteer you will be teaching and caring for beautiful children at Doreen’s Crèche. The well-established day care centre at Masiphumelele Township, around 45 minutes from central Cape Town.

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Antonia's Volunteer Experience in Nepal

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Antonia Bozzolo has been volunteering in Nepal, teaching English at a local school close to Kathmandu:

I spend a month teaching in a school in Kathmandu Nepal.
It is an amazing experience, especially if you want to put your teaching skills on the line.
I have learned not only that I love what I do, but also gained confidence and good experience.
You also get to understand a different culture and meet amazing people! – Antonia Bozzolo, Las Condes

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