Working as a volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania

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Nadir Oliveira went for a volunteer trip to Tanzania, organized by IKPVA from Rio. She tells about her unfogettable experience and great tim with the children at the orphanage in Arusha:

I’m from Brazil.
I’ve had three unforgettable weeks working as a volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania.
To be in a foreign country, especially in a continent so different from our western life was the first impact.
The second impact was the institution “The Orphanage” with many children that wanted affection. Besides the affection they’ve wanted to learn more.
On the other hand, the great variety of necessities of this institution: food, clothes, didactic materials, domestic services, etc.
But that’s What I’ve thought.

Nadir from Brazil with the children in Arusha
Nadir from Brazil with the children in Arusha

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Visit the page at IKPVA's homepage with the projects to volunteer in Tanzania. The childcare program at the orphanage in Arusha has a detail page.