Childcare Volunteer Experiences

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Check out the new blog of IKPVA with the beautiful stories of childcare volunteers in many countries! The Rio based volunteer organization has recently included many new childcare programs in Africa, Asia and South America.

Get a taste of a few volunteer statements:

South Africa - Teaching at Doreen's Crèche, Cape Town

About one of the greatest adventures.
Ended up getting more then I was giving.
All the smiles, all the sincere “Thank you teacher”, all those hugs were worth every second. - Sara Ferreira from Brazil

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Ghana - Caring for children

Loving Ghana, the kids are great. Ghanaians are so friendly, everyday is a new experience. - Jeanette Warthon, from USA

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Cambodia - volunteering at a day care center

I spent two weeks ( I know, definitely too short) in a day care center in Phnom Penh in Cambodia thanks to Iko Poran association. And it was such a wonderful experience !
I took care of a class of 7 children (5-6years old) from 9:00a.m to 4 p.m, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes I picked them up in their shanty towns at 8 a.m with the staff. It was very hard and sad to see where they live and in such poor conditions, but it was part of the experience and I simply loved their face, their excitation when the association bus ( that we used to pick them up at Home) arrived in front of their living place ( we cant call it "a house"). Albane from France

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