Medical Internships - Volunteering with IKPVA

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The Rio based volunteer organization Iko Poran organizes inexpensive and rewarding medical internship programs, for medical students or doctors who want to help people in foreign countries. Volunteers enjoy to immerse in a different culture, in Brazil, Thailand, Uganda, India, Peru or Ethiopa, and also gain hands on experience in a clinic. Volunteers can choose, if they want to go for a medical internship in a clinic, or if they prefer to help with health awareness, Aids prevention (Uganda). In Peru, Cusco, there is a special dental program available in Cusco. In Ethiopa, you may like to go for the wellness program in Addis Ababa, where you can work with health coaching or give yoga lessons for the young students.

What the volunteers say about their experience

Magda Camixide from Portugal, has been volunteering at the Pediatrica Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal:

At the hospital I was able to exchange experiences and knowledge that was beneficial to both sides and was also extremely well integrated in the hospital routines. Thank You Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center for this opportunity!!!

Read Magda's full statement on Iko Poran's Blog here, or go to the project page of the medical internship in Kathmandu on Iko Poran's Homepage.

Jefrin went to Brazil, for a medical internship at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro:

I had a great time in Rio learning about the culture and building relationships with the people in the Engenho de Rainha community. I worked with talented, passionate and hardworking health professionals who were willing to help and answer questions at all times. I really enjoyed being immersed in the community and learning about all aspects of the healthcare system in Rio de Janeiro in particular including the many challenges. This was an unforgettable experience I would highly recommend. – Jefrin

Read Jefrin's testimonial on Iko Poran's Blog, or go to the project page with the medical program in Rio de Janeiro.